Cars, Ice Cream Vans, Horses & did she ever buy that Honda Accord?

27052020 #BCGDaily ‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’

Hilarious chat with former Dubai Eye radio host, Podcaster/YouTuber and full-time university lecturer – the Jeep-driving, Hawaiian-shirt wearing, irrepressibly energetic Canadian – Prof James Piecowye.

We catch up on doing six years of the CarTalk one-hour weekly radio show on Dubai’s top talk-radio channel, why I love Honda’s, why he won’t buy a new Jeep, how I got into motoring journalism, how he annoyed radio people enought to be given his own show, why Nissan was wrong about us, why we both dislike the Land Rover Defender, and how Chinese cars and podcasters will ultimately come to rule the world!

Check out more from him here

Here’s his version of the same discussion

Motoring Middle East YouTube channel

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