Working At Koenigsegg

Pakistani Engineer Farrukh Kamran [Podcast]

Check out this amazing chat with one of the few Pakistani engineers to work at one of the world’s most exciting and cutting-edge supercar maker, Koenigsegg – Farrukh Kamran from Lahore. In this discussion he explains how he got here, responds to some of the doubters on social media, hands out great life advice, and sings the one of Pakistan’s biggest current hit songs – Pasoori!

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Shelby Roush Cobra Superformance MkIII

debut at 2022 Salon Prive [Blenheim Palace]

At Salon Privé, specialist retailer Clive Sutton unveiled a highly specified 560HP Roush-engined Superformance MkIII finished in Ferrari Grigio Silver. In honour of Carroll Shelby’s 100th birthday, Clive Sutton specified the powerful, custom-built Roush motor for the MkIII. Priced at £185k, the ready-to-roll model will top the MkIII range with customers able to specify other MkIII variants for import starting from £135k. Here Luke Sutton talks us around the incredible Cobra. #BCGEvents

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Roll-Royce Phantom Series II

Debut at Salon Prive 2022 [Blenheim Palace]

Rolls-Royce introduced the new Phantom Series II at Salon Prive on Wednesday. Here’s all the details of the changes, plus we look at an orange Ghost and talk about electric Rolls-Royce cars. #BCGEvents

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Porsche 928 Restomod by Nardone Automotive

1970s Rebooted with Style!

This is the Nardone Automotive Porsche 928 Restomod reinterpreted by Thierry Nardone of France, but designed and developed in Italy. It’s an extraordinary reboot of an iconic Porsche, set to go into limited production – find out all the details in this video. #BCGEvents

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Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster

1800bhp, 360mph & You Can Keep Your Hat On!

All the details on the sensational Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster – dubbed the fastest convertible in the world, it features the same 1800bhp twin-turbo power unit of the coupe – both limited editions by high performance American car maker and customiser, Hennessey. 1800bhp and 360mph. #BCGEvents

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What is Legendary Indian Car Journalist Adil Jal Darukhanawala doing in London?

Meet up with buddy during a rare visit to the UK

Met up with good buddy and legendary Indian Motoring Journalist and prolific author, Adil Jal Darukhanawala, earlier this evening, on a rare visit to London – but what was he doing here? Find out in this video.

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Supercars and Classics London Concours 2022

Rare supercars & Classic Cars Plus Interview with curator of Nizam’s cars and finder of Sheikh Zayed’s 1965 Rolls-Royce

Attended ‘Supercar Day’ at the amazing 2022 London Concours yesterday held as usual at the Honourable Artillery Company near Old Street in Central London. The Drivers Union, Supercar Owner’s Club, was there in full attendance. Plus some extraordinary new and classic cars.

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Karachi Car Culture

Jay Leno’s Pakistani Twin, Bandits and Unimogs plus the world’s highest classic car rally!

It’s Jay Leno! That’s not actually true. But it is his Pakistani doppelganger. Not only is the similarity uncanny, but like the famed American TV host, comedian and voracious car collector, Mohsin Ikram too, is hilarious company and a full-on car guy! He is also a walking-talking classic car encyclopaedia, owner, restorer and a founder of the FIVA-approved Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan. 

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I found John Wick’s ‘69 Mustang! 🤩

Is John Wick still looking for his 69 Ford Mustang that the Russian Mafia stole? I found it.

It’s at Sheesh Restaurant at Chigwell and belongs to owner Colin Hunt. In fact he built this perfect John Wicks 1969 Mustang replica five years ago and uses its as his daily driver!

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Electric Classic Cars UAE & Middle East

Interview FUSE’s Salman Hussain at Fully Charged Live

I catch up with a Dubai buddy Salman Hussain who was visiting the UK to attend Fully Charged Live 2022. He is the CEO of FUSE UAE which is specialising in converting classic cars to electric for the Middle East, including a classic VW Beetle as their first prototype. We talk about his plans and whether the GCC region is ready to accept electric cars, much less classic electric cars. | | | | Salman Hussain, CEO, FUSE | Mihai Stumbea, CTO, FUSE #BCGEvents

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