2023 London Concours

Walkaround & Interviews; Classics & Supercars

Check out our coverage of the glamorous 2023 London Concours at the Honourable Artillery Company in the heart of London near Moorgate, featuring the best classics, coolest car kids, and brilliant interviews – plus #MakeGreenGreatAgain display and how does the Koenigsegg transmission work exactly? As of publishing this, the show is still on today and tomorrow – I’ll be back again for a bit on Thursday. Don’t miss it if you’re nearby. Truly an amazing event – one of my favourites. Co-Hosted and Co-Produced by my daughter Leena Amani

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Bellow in Yellow! Why Asians Love Lamborghinis

Chat with Lamborghini Diablo SV Owner, Amir Chaudhry

It’s the loudest, meanest, widely Instagrammed and possibly most-driven Lamborghini Diablo SV around and it’s owned by Amir Chaudhry. We met up again at the London Concours yesterday, where we discussed his passion for his car, but also why Asians and Brown Car Guys love Lambos so much. There’s some fascinating insight here, as well as loud exhaust noises – press play now!

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Colin Denton, Classic Car Garage TV Show

Check out the latest episode of The Ultimate Podcast Machine

Colin Denton is the star of new TV Show, Classic Car Garage, on Yesterday Channel (catch up on UK TV Play) – on Thursdays at 9pm. DO NOT MISS tomorrow night’s episode – I’m in it! With the same car in which I’m interviewing Colin – the Ultimate Podcast Machine, my classic BMW. We talk about the TV Show, what Colin’s day job is as a trainer, cover ULEZ and the joy of cars and especially classic cars!

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Meeting McQueen at 2023 Enfield Pageant of Motoring!

Plus Interviews, Walkaround & the Striped Tomato!

Check out my video from yesterday’s Enfield Pageant of Motoring (28th May 2023) – possibly the last one before ULEZ kicks in and substantially impacts both this and the Bromley Pageant. An amazing event where I got to meet Steve McQueen in the most authentic Bullitt Mustang recreation I’ve ever seen, plus I check out Starsky and Hutch’s Striped Tomato (the famous red Ford Gran Torino), the Zombie Police Car from Resident Evil 2, Herbie and the Bluesmobile. I also took my 1989 BMW 325i E30 – #BCGBMWE30 – and it was great to catch up with some of you!

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Do you believe in God?

Avoid talking about religion, avoid talking about religion… oh dear, we’re talking about religion!

In this latest podcast with the Two Old Farts Making Noises – they’ve now dubbed my contributions ‘Sermon from the German’ because I broadcast sitting in my German modern classic car! Fittingly enough though, in this month’s ‘Sermon from the German’ we’re talking religion and the existence of God! Watch below!

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Top 10 1960s Motors

The Sexiest Motors from the Swinging Sixties

Top 10 1960s Motors: The Sexiest Motors from the Swinging Sixties – The Magnificent and Mighty motors of the 1950s with their big big fenders, outlandish bumpers, and tall imposing grilles, made way for low-slung sexiness in the Seductive and Salacious sixties – oh behave! In all seriousness – the 1960s is quite possibly the most revolutionary car design eras of the automotive age. But which were the best cars of the 1960s? I’ll tell you in this video!

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