London EV Show 2021 Highlights

I was the conference EmCee at the three-day event in December – watch video!

Check out the London EV Show highlights from December 2021 – I was the conference host and EmCee during the three days it was on at the Business Design Centre in Central London. See my vlog below.

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Pakwheels Auto Show Karachi

Interview with Suneel Sarfraz Munj [December 2021]

Check out my coverage and interviews from the epic Pakwheels  Auto Show at Port Grand in Karachi in December 2021. Amazing cars, spectacular event, sensation people. Can’t wait to visit again soon!

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VLOG: Hosting London EV Show Conference

Behind-The-Scenes Diary Day 2 – 15 December 2021

I’m at the London EV Show 14-16 December 2021, hosting the conference! Here’s a quick VLOG from behind-the-scenes hosting Day 2 of the conference at the London EV Show, featuring organisers Valiant Business Media, audio-visual providers Aztec Events Services, Abigayle ofΒ @SHETALKSCARSΒ  . Come down or check it out at there’s even a live-stream of the conference available.

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Destination Star Trek – Live Long & Never Go Again

Forget Engage, it’s all about economics not about enjoyment

A cynical, joyless money-grabbing exercise, with an utterly mediocre and dreary set-up, but totally awesome fans and stupendous cos-players. 

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2021 NEC Classic Motor Show

Review & Interviews

Check out my footage, review and interviews from the amazing NEC Classic Motor Show yesterday. Loads of awesome cars including an exquisite custom build Polish 125 Coupe, the Ghostbusters Caddie, and Bond’s Aston DB5 and the replica Lotus Esprits from the Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only.

Plus we meet:

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2022 British Motor Show Full Preview 18-21 Aug

And I’ll be back again hosting the Tech Theatre – plus all the Cars, Stars & Tons of Fun Stuff to Do & See!

Following on from the huge success of the inaugural rebooted British Motor Show in August this year, plans have been firmed up and details announced for the even bigger and more action-packed 2022 British Motor Show which will take place 18-21 August 2022. And I’ll be back hosting the Tech Theatre now with even more info and events.

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2021 Regent Street Motor Show

[Walkaround & Interviews]

[Saturday 6 November 2021] Walkaround, review and interviews from the Regent Street Motor Show, featuring exotic cars, supercars, modern classics, new electric cars, and a line up of the early 1900s vintage cars taking part in the famous London-to-Brighton run the following day.

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Afro Classics Register Meet

Classic Car Meet September 2021 in London

Just over a year on from covering the Afro Classic Register club meet (link below) I catch up with them again, for the September 2021, as the club gets bigger, more vibrant and a greater variety of cars, plus of course great music, singing, dancing and fun with cool cars – which is everything you come to expect with the Afro Classics Club. Plus the Bentley Art Car (Bentley Unifying Spur) with Kevin Haggarthy.

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Gallery and videos from 2021 Concours of Elegance

Check out all our vids and pics from the fabulous 2021 Concours at Hampton Court Palace

This was my third year attending the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court and it’s safe to say it’s become my favourite classic car event of the year now. The weather is always great, the variety and quality of cars is sensational, the setting is spectacular and quite simply all the best people come here!

This year I got to meet a childhood hero – the incredible Aston Martin Bulldog (now reborn) in person, got my first look at the brilliant Lotus Emira (and enjoyed a splendid lunch with the Lotus team) and found an unexpected star in the form of a hot-rodder classic Lancia Aurelia. Plus 95 British cars. Thanks so much to my buddy Reza Adil for all his help producing this content – see all our pics and videos:

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The British Motor Show 2021

Videos from 2021 The British Motor Show

Quick walk-around of the all-new rebooted 2021 British Motor Show at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre that started today and runs till Sunday – I’m hosting the Tech Theatre in Hall 5 over the next few days (come and see me!!). This gives you just a flavour of what the show is like, but there is lots of exciting hands-on stuff to do and see at this wonderful event.

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