Every Day You’re Ranting ‘bout ULEZ – Another Anti-ULEZ Song!

By the Car Seize Thiefs – AKA Tim Ansell!

Tim Ansell has been writing Anti-ULEZ songs – see the previous one (set to the tune of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ here) and now this latest offering – ‘Every Day You’re Ranting ’bout ULEZ’. This one is set to ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’ by Kaiser Chiefs. I suggest you read Tim Ansell’s amazing lyrics, with the song playing – hilarious!

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Multiverse of Me!

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Meet the Alternate Universe Versions of Me

A bit of fun for the New Year! – Across multiple universes, there are multiple versions of me. Different lives, different environments, different contexts, but is there a common thread that unifies such diversity? 

None of these are me, all of them are me. Which are the ones you’d want to know more about? Maybe even hear more of their stories? Meet them below:

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Your Questions Answered! Ask Me Anything! 🤣

Ask me anything I posted. And you did! Here are the answers.

What car to drive a long distance? Why do we love V8s? Are electric cars the future and when will they become affordable? Who invented the wheel? Which classic I would like to review next year? Which was the best Transformers movie? Why do people hate estate cars? Why is it that people who car drive are legally allowed to? Plus what’s for dinner, why hairs grows in your ears and why am I the Brown Car Guy?

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Cancel ULEZ Expansion NOW! ‘Impact Negligible’

Sadiq Khan Ignores his Own Research!

ULEZ Expansion – which will cost London 100s of millions in infrastructure and scrappage schemes, will have a virtually negligible impact benefitting the climate or London’s toxic pollution, according to Transport of London’s own commissioned report. A report that Mayor Sadiq Khan should be completely familiar with, but doesn’t appear to recognise his own data when he’s confronted by it!

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I Was Tested on Cars on Behind The Wheel Life Podcast!

Honoured to have been invited to appear on the inaugural Behind The Wheel Life In-Person podcast

We end up chatting about: Why as parents, we should be more supportive of our kids’ creative aspirations; How the automotive journalism industry has evolved; What it’s REALLY like to be a motoring journalist, behind the scenes; What does it take to succeed in the motoring journalism space; PLUS, we have our first ever, “Star on a very reasonably priced sofa” quiz. How many questions do I get right in 3 minutes? 😲🤦🏽‍♂️ Watch now to find out.

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Behind-the-Scenes Filming a Car Review

Funny VLOG by Daughter [while filming the Toyota Aygo X]

Check out this hilarious Vlog by daughter Leena Sheikh (@Leena_Amani on Instagram) behind-the-scenes while filming the Toyota Aygo X review (review coming soon – makes sure you subscribe and switch on notifications!). Son Junaid (https://www.instagram.com/junji4real/) was filming the video. You can see the total lack of respect for poor dad in action, the utter Micky-taking and frankly my exasperation when things don’t go to plan. Hope you enjoy this video – please do like, comment, and share! #BCGToyotaAygoX

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