Colin Denton, Classic Car Garage TV Show

Check out the latest episode of The Ultimate Podcast Machine

Colin Denton is the star of new TV Show, Classic Car Garage, on Yesterday Channel (catch up on UK TV Play) – on Thursdays at 9pm. DO NOT MISS tomorrow night’s episode – I’m in it! With the same car in which I’m interviewing Colin – the Ultimate Podcast Machine, my classic BMW. We talk about the TV Show, what Colin’s day job is as a trainer, cover ULEZ and the joy of cars and especially classic cars!

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I Fall out of a Lambo Countach at Salisbury Pop-Up Car Show

Cool Cars & Crazy Antics [British Motor Show] w/ Sam Hard

Video from yesterday at the British Motor Show Pop-Up at Marshall BMW in Salisbury with Tim Shaw of CAR S.O.S @NationalGeographicUK and Sam Hard of Hard Up Garage where I put my 1989 BMW 325i SE E30 on display ( #BCGBMWE30 ) – Cool cars, amazing interviews, crazy antics – watch now!

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Why 20mph Speed Limits Won’t Work

but they’re Coming Everywhere, Anyway!

20 mph limits – Wales is introducing them, Scotland will too, most of London already has them, and it’s expanding further. They now being put into outer London areas. But do they make any difference, what are the pros or cons, will they work, or will most people ignore them? Here’s the research I found on them, and what I think of them.

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