GoClassics Mag Issue 2 Review [Sept 2021]

Check out my latest column in the Issue 2 of GoClassics, as well as tons of other great features!

I check out Issue Number 2 of GoClassics Magazine. Here’s a rundown of all the amazing content you’ll find in the latest absolutely PACKED issues of the newest, most exciting classic and modern classic car magazine! Go Classics is a brand new car mag, and it’s awesome! Why? Because I’m in it.

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What Do Supercar Owners Do? [Mostly!]

Extrapolating the results of @itdanielmac’s TikTok videos

There’s a guy on TikTok – @itsdanielmac – who’s got 10 million followers, and what he does is go around asking supercar owners what they do for a living. So car leasing company Vehicle Contracts analysed his videos and came up with the most popular professions and the supercars they drive.

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Reaction Video – Brand New Car Magazine

Go Classics magazine – First time I take it out of the envelope and see the mag

Join me as I take this brand new magazine – issue one of Go Classics – out of the envelope and browse through it for the very first time – and why is this magazine so important? Because I’m a contributor to it – my column’s in there! It’s the first time I see it in print. And there’s a surprise!

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