Do you believe in God?

Avoid talking about religion, avoid talking about religion… oh dear, we’re talking about religion!

In this latest podcast with the Two Old Farts Making Noises – they’ve now dubbed my contributions ‘Sermon from the German’ because I broadcast sitting in my German modern classic car! Fittingly enough though, in this month’s ‘Sermon from the German’ we’re talking religion and the existence of God! Watch below!

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Pro Motorist, Pro Car, yes! But I am NOT a Fraud

I have thick skin, you must have to do this. But every now and then, something gets to you and a rant is in order

Got a DM on Twitter from someone accusing me of being a ‘shill’ and a ‘fraud’ and suggesting I rip off my Starfleet badge – I could not, NOT, respond to this one. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. No DMs regarding this though!

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PODCAST: ULEZ, Cancel Culture & Middle East

with Tom Conway-Gordon in the Ultimate Podcast Machine

I catch up with my old Dubai buddy, PR professional, Tom Conway-Gordon in the Ultimate Podcast Machine – which of course is my 1989 BMW 325i E30. It’s black, and Tom runs a car fan Instagram Page – AnyColourSoLongAsItsBlack So while he was keen to see and snap the E30, I took him for a drive and a chat!

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