Being A Car Enthusiast – Is It Haram? 😲

A young YouTube viewer asked if it was Halal to be into cars

Recently I got this question in a YouTube Comment – I won’t say who it was, but it asked ‘is it ok for we Muslims to become car enthusiasts? Because I love cars very much, is it Halal to become a car enthusiast?? I am a bit confused 🤔🤔 please answer my question’ Initially I thought this was a joke, but no, it was a serious question. So I did a bit of research!

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Working At Koenigsegg

Pakistani Engineer Farrukh Kamran [Podcast]

Check out this amazing chat with one of the few Pakistani engineers to work at one of the world’s most exciting and cutting-edge supercar maker, Koenigsegg – Farrukh Kamran from Lahore. In this discussion he explains how he got here, responds to some of the doubters on social media, hands out great life advice, and sings the one of Pakistan’s biggest current hit songs – Pasoori!

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Classics Pollute Less than New Electric Cars!

Driving Old Cars is Better for the Environment

Old cars pollute less than new ones! New cars are worse for the environment than old cars. All this legislation to get old cars off the roads, particularly things like ULEZ, that I’ve already done a couple of videos on, well hold on a second… Turns out old cars and classics pollute way less than brand new ones – even electric cars!

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Best 5 used Cars to Buy in 2022 for under £5,000

In five categories from city car to sports car!

Here are the Best 5 used Cars to Buy in 2022 for under £5,000 right now, in five categories – City cars, SUV, Luxury, Convertible and Sports. Let me know what you think of my choices and which cars you’d buy in the comments!

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Cars You CAN’T Have, But You REALLY Want!

Plus 10 Cars You CAN Buy!

Here are the cars you most want, but can’t have. Plus some cars you could. Based on data from, this data shows the most Googled cars in the UK relative to the fewest number registered – usually less than a handful!

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Fake Manual Gearbox

Rubbish or Revolutionary?

Toyota has apparently patented a simulated manual gearbox and clutch mechanism for new electric cars – is the fake manual gearbox rubbish or revolutionary? Could it be an entirely redundant system or something that makes enthusiasts like me want to drive electric cars?

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