Colin Denton, Classic Car Garage TV Show

Check out the latest episode of The Ultimate Podcast Machine

Colin Denton is the star of new TV Show, Classic Car Garage, on Yesterday Channel (catch up on UK TV Play) – on Thursdays at 9pm. DO NOT MISS tomorrow night’s episode – I’m in it! With the same car in which I’m interviewing Colin – the Ultimate Podcast Machine, my classic BMW. We talk about the TV Show, what Colin’s day job is as a trainer, cover ULEZ and the joy of cars and especially classic cars!

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Car Show Walkaround with Tim Shaw (Car S.O.S) & Sam Hard (Hard Up Garage)

2023 British Motor Show Pop-Up even at Marshall BMW in Hook

Video from yesterday at the British Motor Show Pop-Up at Marshall BMW in Hook with Tim Shaw of CAR S.O.S and Sam Hard of Hard Up Garage, where I put my 1989 BMW 325i SE E30 on display ( #BCGBMWE30 ) – here’s a full walkaround of the show with Sam and an in-depth unfiltered chat with Tim Shaw.

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ULEZ News Update: How Many Cars Affected by ULEZ Expansion?

The facts state 288,000 cars in Outer London will be affected

The Mayor insists only 1 in 10 cars in Outer London will be affected by the ULEZ Expansion on 29 August, but everyone else, including the BBC, find the number is much higher, more like 1 in 6. How does that work? And if it is only 10%, why is it worth all the investment and effort to expand the zone?

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Do you believe in God?

Avoid talking about religion, avoid talking about religion… oh dear, we’re talking about religion!

In this latest podcast with the Two Old Farts Making Noises – they’ve now dubbed my contributions ‘Sermon from the German’ because I broadcast sitting in my German modern classic car! Fittingly enough though, in this month’s ‘Sermon from the German’ we’re talking religion and the existence of God! Watch below!

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