Amazing New Tech from Genesis for 2023!

Skidpan Drift Mode; Virtual Gearchange; Facial Recognition; Boost Drag Race – 2023 Genesis Tech

Genesis is introducing a raft of new technology with its latest generation and model-year 23 range of electric cars including the GV60, GV70 and G80. I took a day-trip to Berlin to try out new features including Facial and Fingerprint recognition unlock and starting, Drift Mode and the astonishing Virtual Gearshift now on the latest model GV60s.

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BYD Atto 3 Design Review 

Chinese EV just strums along

Some car manufacturers are finally beginning to understand rule number three of making electric cars – the first two being: the batteries should always go in the floor, and style the exterior to offer the least possible resistance to the wind – in other words, make it aerodynamic. The third rule however, supersedes the first two, and it is simply this – there are no rules. 

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My Classic 1989 E30 BMW 325i SE – Part 2 (2023)

Ongoing BLOG, video reports & Instagram posts

Follow #BCGBMWE30 on social media Bookmark this page to follow my ongoing series with this car – everything that happens with the ownership of this BMW – one that I’ve owned for the second time. I used to own a blue one just like this back in the 1990s, and it was one of my most missed cars.

More pics just sent to me from Shelsley Walsh
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Colin Denton, Classic Car Garage TV Show

Check out the latest episode of The Ultimate Podcast Machine

Colin Denton is the star of new TV Show, Classic Car Garage, on Yesterday Channel (catch up on UK TV Play) – on Thursdays at 9pm. DO NOT MISS tomorrow night’s episode – I’m in it! With the same car in which I’m interviewing Colin – the Ultimate Podcast Machine, my classic BMW. We talk about the TV Show, what Colin’s day job is as a trainer, cover ULEZ and the joy of cars and especially classic cars!

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Meeting McQueen at 2023 Enfield Pageant of Motoring!

Plus Interviews, Walkaround & the Striped Tomato!

Check out my video from yesterday’s Enfield Pageant of Motoring (28th May 2023) – possibly the last one before ULEZ kicks in and substantially impacts both this and the Bromley Pageant. An amazing event where I got to meet Steve McQueen in the most authentic Bullitt Mustang recreation I’ve ever seen, plus I check out Starsky and Hutch’s Striped Tomato (the famous red Ford Gran Torino), the Zombie Police Car from Resident Evil 2, Herbie and the Bluesmobile. I also took my 1989 BMW 325i E30 – #BCGBMWE30 – and it was great to catch up with some of you!

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I Fall out of a Lambo Countach at Salisbury Pop-Up Car Show

Cool Cars & Crazy Antics [British Motor Show] w/ Sam Hard

Video from yesterday at the British Motor Show Pop-Up at Marshall BMW in Salisbury with Tim Shaw of CAR S.O.S @NationalGeographicUK and Sam Hard of Hard Up Garage where I put my 1989 BMW 325i SE E30 on display ( #BCGBMWE30 ) – Cool cars, amazing interviews, crazy antics – watch now!

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