Why 20mph Speed Limits Won’t Work

but they’re Coming Everywhere, Anyway!

20 mph limits – Wales is introducing them, Scotland will too, most of London already has them, and it’s expanding further. They now being put into outer London areas. But do they make any difference, what are the pros or cons, will they work, or will most people ignore them? Here’s the research I found on them, and what I think of them.

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PODCAST: ULEZ, Cancel Culture & Middle East

with Tom Conway-Gordon in the Ultimate Podcast Machine

I catch up with my old Dubai buddy, PR professional, Tom Conway-Gordon in the Ultimate Podcast Machine – which of course is my 1989 BMW 325i E30. It’s black, and Tom runs a car fan Instagram Page – AnyColourSoLongAsItsBlack So while he was keen to see and snap the E30, I took him for a drive and a chat!

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ULEZ Protest Trafalgar Square [Mar 2023]

See my video from the latest Anti-ULEZ Expansion Protest held on Saturday 18 March

Report from the Anti-ULEZ protest yesterday afternoon at Trafalgar Square on Saturday 18 March 2023. We speak to Harrow Council, Hatch End Councillor, Matthew Goodwin-Freeman (who aged only 23, spoke up so powerfully and eloquently directly against Sadiq Khan – which has been viewed over a million times on the internet now) plus of course the community directly affected and concerned by the ULEZ Expansion due at the end of August this year across the whole of Greater London. I talk to real people about real issues and real hardships – watch now!

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ULEZ News: C40 Cities Agenda & Don’t Change Car Now – or you’ll LOSE £££!

What is the real reason cameras were ordered before the ULEZ Consultation and Why you must not change car now!

In my latest ULEZ News Update, I look at what might be the true motivations behind London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s insistence on expanding the ULEZ zone, What is the C40 cities agenda, why private cars are NOT the main culprits when it comes to toxic air and how you’ll lose thousands of pounds if you try to change to ULEZ-compliant car now.

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