There’s a very compelling reason you actually should continue to read my car reviews, and you’ll barely believe it. I reveal it here.

Somebody asked me do you still write car reviews? Duh! Of course I do. You can find them right at this link, in fact I’ve just recently added a bunch and there are more to come

My review of the Range Rover 2018 models

But let’s be honest, since we can monitor and measure the response we get to our content, we know that whilst people do earnestly insist we keep doing writting reviews, and are desperate to sound intelligent and well-read by proclaiming that nothing beats reading a review, the fact is, they are lying. They’re not reading the reviews.

Chevrolet Bolt review

Sometimes I’m very tempted to type a tourettes-like tirade of colourful metaphors and outright curses, just to see if anyone logs a complaint. Or to roast a car to ashes to see if even the PR office will give me a frantic and irate phone call as they would in the old days of publishing reviews in a magazine (remember print?). Or to write up a total load of nonsensical whimsical irrelevance, to leave those stray readers remaining committed to the written word, utterly baffled or even aghast!

You never know – I might just do it. And that there is at least one very compelling reason for why you need to make sure you continue to read ALL my car reviews.

BMW X3 M40i

Meanwhile the reality is that we now prioritise social media coverage on every car we test as that’s where we get the most engagement and interaction, followed by views on video reviews – the close second in terms of the importance of how we cover cars for our ‘readers’/followers.

Nonetheless, I feel a bit of cheeky typing coming over me… stay tuned!

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