The Most Epic Press Release Ever!

And it was only about leather upholstery in a car

Found this video I recorded three years ago in Dubai – not the best example of a press release, but certainly some showstopping writing to behold!


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When you’re updating your own portfolio page, look through your vast body of work, impress the crap out of yourself and think: ‘I’d bloody hire this guy for sure!’ LOL.

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I’m still writing car reviews, here’s why you should still read them!

There’s a very compelling reason you actually should continue to read my car reviews, and you’ll barely believe it. I reveal it here.

Somebody asked me do you still write car reviews? Duh! Of course I do. You can find them right at this link, in fact I’ve just recently added a bunch and there are more to come

My review of the Range Rover 2018 models

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Exposure doesn’t pay my bills

Exposure isn't going to buy me kitty litter

Sometime ago I got what appeared to be a lovely complimentary message – ‘great article’ it began. That’s always a good start, because no matter how much experience we accrue, how jaded we get, or aloof we pretend to be, ultimately we creative types are always hungry for appreciation.

Then my great start to the day, switched to a blow in the soft bits: ‘Can we use it – we’ll give you credit for it!’

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