My Top 10 Vids & Social Media Posts of 2022

Looking back at the last 12 months on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok

The later half of 2022 has seen my YouTube channel surge, with some top performaning videos and rapidly increasing subscriber numbers. Followers remain pretty steady on Instagram, but I’ve also seen substantial interaction on TikTok, more in terms of views than overall follower count. In general, it’s all been very positive, though in the fiercely competitive digital world numbers rule! Only Facebook continues to disappoint, though I see that as a general trend in social media. Here’s my top performing posts of 2022.

YouTube – Top Ten
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What are the Most Popular Electric Cars Out There Right Now?

The most important EVs should be dictated by sales or social media posts?

What are the most popular electric cars (EV / BEV ) out there. Well sales figures are one way to judge, but perhaps a more significant barometer these days, is how popular something is on social media. Quotezone analysed shares of car brands on Instagram and TikTok to see which came out top. Here’s the Top 10.

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I’m still writing car reviews, here’s why you should still read them!

There’s a very compelling reason you actually should continue to read my car reviews, and you’ll barely believe it. I reveal it here.

Somebody asked me do you still write car reviews? Duh! Of course I do. You can find them right at this link, in fact I’ve just recently added a bunch and there are more to come

My review of the Range Rover 2018 models

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Micro Influencers: A modern-day David & Goliath story

As the phenomenon of the online ‘Influencer’ continues to develop, a new aspect has emerged – the greater impact, effectiveness and ROI power of the Micro-Influencer.


Everything you think you know about Influencers is wrong. Forget the ones with the hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, and focus on those with a fraction of the following – the latest data proves it. Here’s why.

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