Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Conversation with John (Yahya) Gardiner, Ford Comms Director

11062020 ‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’ – In this episode I speak to John Gardiner who has been at Ford Motor Company for 30 years and currently has two jobs – Executive Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Ford of Britain & Ireland, and Corporate Communications, Ford of Europe.

As well as a PR guru, he’s also a Muslim revert, a student of Chinese and Malay Fighting skills, and of course a fellow Trekkie! We find out about his unique career path from selling classic American muscle at aged 12 to Ford Exec via a catering and Custom Car magazines.

In light of the the lockdown from the COVID-19 Coronavirus and now the #BlackLivesMatter movement and new reports about BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities in the UK, the conversation inevitably turned to how a big car company like Ford deals with these issues.

There is some encouraging information about that and the post-Lockdown response of the automotive industry, as well tantaslising insight into what’s to come from Ford of Europe!

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