7 Cars for Eid

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Eid is a week away, so I’ve been thinking fantasy Eid gifts – and after a month of fasting, that too under lockdown conditions, I believe they’re well-deserved. Being a petrolhead, they’ve got to be cars, and being a fantasy there doesn’t need to be any budgetary restrictions, and being Eid, let’s make it seven. Here’s mine, what would be yours?

1. Daily Driver – Honda Civic Type R

Last year I was fortunate enough to drive the current generation Civic Type R on three separate occasions (I even did a full review of it) and each time the experience only confirmed my initial impressions – it’s currently the best hot hatch in the world. There isn’t a tauter, sharper, faster drive at the money, which happily calms down and provides practical transport for you, your friends and their stuff when you want it to. Arresting, if controversial looks (I came to adore them), a good size for the city and undoubtedly dependable.

2. Family Car – Rezvani Tank X

An SUV is the default choice for families – but why settle for a regular pretend off-roader? Why not instead go for something that resulted when a demonic Toyota FJ Cruiser raped a Wrangler unlimited? Will it keep your family safe? It’s armoured, it’s got night vision, blinding light, and shielding from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event (including a nuclear detonation). Will it get you away from the explosion?It has the supercharged V8 out of the Dodge Demon, further uprated to 1000bhp! Will it go anywhere – its essentially based on the latest Jeep Wrangler, and then it’s modified further still for off-road supremacy. This is the undeniable new supercar of the off-road realm and it’ll stomp all over your Range Rovers and G-Wagons. It’ll also do school-runs and shopping trips to Sainsbury’s.

3. Grand Tourer – Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Reviewing one a couple of years ago, I was absolutely gobsmacked at how good it had become. If you thought the regular DB11 was brilliant, this one is more athletic and dynamic to drive, whilst losing none of the super-cruiser attributes that denote a great GT car. Do we still going grand-touring? Well do you want to get on a train after this virus episode? And besides, every James Bond fan has to have at least one Aston Martin in their stable, right?

4. Weekend Drive – Ferrari F8 Spider

A few years ago I reviewed the Ferrari 488 Spider and it became my new favourite Ferrari, less brutal than a F12 Superfast, more engaging than a Portofino and a true thoroughbred compared to Lamborghini’s half-breed Huracan. McLarens leave me confused, the Audi R8 is too sensible and the Ferrari-lookalike new Corvette would be up for consideration if there was a spending limit. As an evolution of the 488, the F8 Spider has to be my go-to mid-engine supercar of choice.

5. Summer Car – Morgan Plus Four

What’s better than a classic car? A brand new car that is as evocative as a classic car. That’s what Morgans are. I’ve reviewed a few over the years, and fell far deeper in love with the old beasts despite their foible-fest and cantankerous clumsiness, than I had expected. Now Morgan has totally updated its iconic Plus Four with an aluminium chassis and BMW power. You can spank it and look spiffing at the same time. Plus everyone smiles and waves when you’re in one of these.

6. Cool Car – Classic Recreations Mustang

What’s better than a classic car? A brand new car that is as cool as a classic car. (Is there an echo in here?) About ten years ago I reviewed a Classic Recreations Mustang CR500 in Dubai. It’s essentially a brand new car, with modern mechanicals, but wrapped in that ever-cool legendary pony car body that is quite simple the epitome of motoring cool. Lewis Hamilton has one of these – so hold back your quips about crude handling and whatnot. There is no other car that brings all the sound, charisma and go of a muscle car, and makes your feel more like an action hero.

7. Classic Car – Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo

What’s better than a classic car? Nothing. (There’s that echo again!). And for me the ultimate is my beloved Lotus Esprit – I’ve been totally smitten ever since Roger Moore looked across at Barbara Bach, raised an eyebrow and asked ‘can you swim?’ before diving a brand new Lotus Esprit S1 into the Sardinian Sea. In the late 70s this super-sleek wedge-shape profile looked like nothing else, on our planet at least, and it captured my heart and imagination with a passion and never let go. Out of the many variants offered over its considerable production life, I’d want a late 80s S3 Turbo (exactly like the one Harry Metcalfe has). Of all the cars on this list, this would be the one constant Eid after Eid.

Now tell me your list of Eid cars below.

Meanwhile here’s the other reviews I mentioned in the video:

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