7 Cars for Eid

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Eid is a week away, so I’ve been thinking fantasy Eid gifts – and after a month of fasting, that too under lockdown conditions, I believe they’re well-deserved. Being a petrolhead, they’ve got to be cars, and being a fantasy there doesn’t need to be any budgetary restrictions, and being Eid, let’s make it seven. Here’s mine, what would be yours?

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Limited edition 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC up for auction

This beauty is one of only 21 made with just 54k miles and no reserve

Check out this absolutely stunning 1987 Lotus Esprit Turbo HC up for sale with online classic car auctioneer, The Market. The auction runs till Monday 13th April at 7:30pm and there’s no reserve. It’s estimated to fetch £40,000-50,000.

I think I need to start a crowd fund to help me buy this!

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We’ll all be driving Geelys Soon! Here’s why

Geely means lucky and it is for Volvo, LEVC and Lotus – #BCGDaily 31032020

March 28th this year (2020) saw the 10th anniversary of Geely’s acquisition of storied Swedish car maker, Volvo. It bought the brand from Ford in 2010 for $1.8bn. The Chinese firm Geely, which itself was established in 1986 and only got into Automotive towards the end of the last century in 1997, then left Volvo to get on and do what it does best – build amazingly practical, solid and safe automobiles.

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Forget Supercars – get one of these!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 16032020 #BCGDaily

Each week a new supercar or hypercar drops with ridiculous horsepower, shocking 0-60
times and absurd price tags – but just how relevant are they? Should manufacturers instead
be focussing on creating more accessible sports cars for those that really love driving and
could afford. Link to my latest DriveTribe feature I mentioned

New Lotus Esprit in 2021?! | Brown Car Guy 26022020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 26022020 #BCGDaily

I’m so excited! According to a report in Autocar magazine, there will be a new Lotus Esprit – in 2021. With V6 hybrid power – from Toyota? The Esprit ran from 1976 to 2004, it’s my all-time favourite car, and we were last teased with the chance of an all-new Esprit 10 years ago when Lotus showed a raft of new concepts at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, including the Esprit – none of those happened. But this time it could be different. I’ll tell you why.

Lotus Evija Production facility video released

Check out this new video from Lotus showcasing it’s new Hypercar production

Lotus has released images and video of the new manufacturing facility where it will build the Evija full electric 2000bhp hypercar, which will soon being final prototype production, with customer deliveries expected in the summer.

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My Automotive Content in Asian Leader newspaper 24 July 2019

My latest Motoring Section for Asian Leader Newspaper

Out today in the Manchester Area – pick up a copy if you can! Or read online at http://asianleader.co.uk/ or http://online.fliphtml5.com/vxbbt/xgkr/

See previous editions here.

If you require automotive content – print, digital or video – get in touch!

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