7 Cars for Eid

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Money-no-object what seven cars would you treat yourself too for Eid?

Eid is a week away, so I’ve been thinking fantasy Eid gifts – and after a month of fasting, that too under lockdown conditions, I believe they’re well-deserved. Being a petrolhead, they’ve got to be cars, and being a fantasy there doesn’t need to be any budgetary restrictions, and being Eid, let’s make it seven. Here’s mine, what would be yours?

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Forget Supercars – get one of these!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 16032020 #BCGDaily

Each week a new supercar or hypercar drops with ridiculous horsepower, shocking 0-60
times and absurd price tags – but just how relevant are they? Should manufacturers instead
be focussing on creating more accessible sports cars for those that really love driving and
could afford. Link to my latest DriveTribe feature I mentioned

Geneva Motor Show 2020 was the best motor show that never was | Brown Car Guy 05032020

Now we know how much amazing new metal was due to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show

I’ve been flat out trying to keep up with, and failing to do so, all the news coming out of the Geneva Motor Show this year – except it wasn’t because the show was cancelled. Which is even sadder now that we realise how many new products and concepts were being introduced by main manufacturers alone, never mind smaller companies. Here I run through some of them. Also see my coverage on BritishAsiaNews.com

All-new, yet still old, but lovely, Morgan Plus Four

I know what you’re thinking – that’s still just the same old Morgan, what’s new about that?

Well apparently it’s ‘the most revolutionary advancement in the model’s 70-year history – 97% of its components are new’.

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Cars shot with a classic 1960s Yashica 635 Camera

Check out these pics and tell me if I should try to shoot some more this summer?

As a kid my dad would never let me touch his classic 1960s Yashica 365 Twin Lens Reflex camera. When he passed I asked my mum if I could have it as a keepsake.

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Why I’m a petrolhead – Exhibit A

Several meetings, a lot of driving, a bit of photography and a late night radio show. After a long hard day like this, I’m normally exhausted and a little bit fed-up and down.

Morgan Plus 4

Instead I’m buzzing and the adrenalin is still flowing. Cars can make all the difference to petrolheads.
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