ThrowBackThursday – first time I drove a Mini

#ThrowBackThursday to my first go in the cutest, coolest and cleverest little car ever

It’s the 60th anniversary of the amazing little Mini this year. So here’s a some pics of the first time I fulfilled my childhood dream of driving the adorable little star of The Italian Job – and of course countless other movies and TV shows (I would wager that the Mini is second only to the Mustang in terms of its exposure in pop culture).

This was a Cooper and it was already fuel-injected by this time as I recall – it would have been around 1992. I had a laugh blasting around London in this thing. It was as sharp-witted, responsive and charming as I’d imagined. Performance was more than adequate and it was as easy to pedal as it was fun.

And contrary to what many thought, my 6ft 2in lanky frame fitted fine – as long as no one wanted to sit behind me! Odd steering angle though, and you do feel very low and slightly vulnerable in traffic. I really should have another go in one soon!

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