The Cars that could’ve been the Stars – plus a Fridge!

Check out the alternative timeline movie and TV posters

In some classic movies and TV shows, the cars became as big, if not bigger, icons than the human stars. Now we can’t imagine those films without the famous cars – well actually Bristol Street Motors can. It’s dug out the vehicles that might originally have featured, and created posters revealing the would-be alternatives. Some of the cars are quite surprising, but none moreso than the fridge!

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MotorOverload: Best Cars for Under £10,000

Check out my latest video with MotorOverload where we look at best used buys

Here are our Top Six best used cars to buy for under £10,000. We each select out top choices in three categories: small car, family car and convertible/roadster. Let us know who had the best selection and tell us your top choices for under £10 in the comments below.

For Your Eyes Only themed Remastered Mini

David Brown borrow the style of James Bond’s Esprit for a famous customer

David Brown Automotive has created a special one-off edition of its Mini Remastered, inspired by James Bond’s Lotus Esprit Turbo from the 1981 movie, For Your Eyes Only.

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2012 Kuwait Concours D’Elegance

Originally published 15 February 2012 on Motoring Middle East

In 2012 Motoring Middle East flew over to Kuwait for a few days to cover the extraordinary Kuwait Concours D’Elegance. Check out our amazing coverage republished here.

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My Automotive Content in Asian Leader newspaper 24 July 2019

My latest Motoring Section for Asian Leader Newspaper

Out today in the Manchester Area – pick up a copy if you can! Or read online at or

See previous editions here.

If you require automotive content – print, digital or video – get in touch!

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3 Minis & The Emirati Job!

Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!

#ThrowBackThursday to an epic 13-page feature I conceived and executed for Car Middle East magazine in 2006, to mark the 100th birthday of the father of the Mini – Sir Alec Issigonis. Yup – we pulled off The Emirati Job!

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Mini, Mini-Me & My Son

Kid with mini version of a Mini on a Mini

My son Junaid with a Mini and a mini-Mini

I kid you not – two of the first words my son Junaid ever spoke were Porsche and Mini. Soon it became clear he was quite taken with the new reborn Mini – recognising it, pointing and grinning whilst shouting ‘Mini, Mini, Mini!’ whenever he saw one on the roads.

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