Shooting for TV

Scorching heat, grueling hours and one fatality. What it takes to film for TV

TV may not have quite the cache it used to, but everyone would still like to be on the small screen if they could. But unlike say, YouTube videos, which can be knocked out on your phone and uploaded minutes later – a bit like my behind-the-scenes VLOG from yesterday below – filming for TV takes a ridiculous amount of effort and work.

Click through to watch my behind-the-scenes video.

The crew were on site – one of three locations we would film at yesterday – at 3am in the morning. Yep, they’d barely slept, if at all.

And we didn’t wrap until 7:30pm in the evening at a third venue. And this whilst filming out in temperatures hitting nearly 50 degrees centigrade in the middle of the day. That considered, it’s almost surprising that the only casualty was a camera that yours truly managed to drive over, after it fell off another car!

Watch out for this episode around mid-August, meanwhile the first couple of episodes of The Autocrats are currently being aired on Fox MENA Network TV across multiple channels with repeat showings (the first episode has already been broadcast over 125 times!).

Hope you like the show and please do let me have your feedback. You can follow @TheAutocratsME on Facebook and Instagram. And follow me on Instagram (see my feed on the right of this page) for more VLOGs like this on IGTV.

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