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Loads to choose from honestly. Many Hondas, including Type Rs, NSXs but even humble Mk1 Accords and Civics and the 1986 Honda Accord and Aerodeck, Toyota Supra (especially the 1984 version I had), 1989 300ZX, and so many others. But this little CRX stuck in my mind because it represented a wonderful time in my life with work and starting a family, but also being such a fun-to-drive, practical and affordable little thing, that felt special every time you took it out.

Love it, and we made some great fun series of videos at the launch of this car in the UAE. And I get to do a massive burnout in one of them too! Find the videos and the story by clicking here now.

Since I’m not much of an off-roader, I don’t care that this is not a practical thing to take into the sand. But where it counts these days – as a family runabout offering space and comfort as well as a touch of class – the Jeep Grand Cherokee still scores very highly indeed in my book. But as a power freak the SRT version is hard to beat – bold looks, outrageous noise, stunning performance. Though I said, ‘hard’ to beat, not impossible, because there’s also the Trackhawk version. As a close second, I’d say Range Rover, or make that Range Rover Sport now, or actually, I really quite liked that new Velar!

Driven some time in the early 2000s, on a truly terrible day, this was a truly terrible car. But having recently reviewed the current Kia Rio, it’s a real eye-opener how far this Korean company has come.

Although I would temper this advice by pointing people in the direction of why they really should NOT think of doing what I do! Read that here.

Honestly you’ve just got to go read this story and watch the video. This opportunity to visit a mystical magical country soaked in extraordinary history and legend, with some wacky fun experiences courtesy of Ford Middle East (raiding a train!) has left fond and lasting memories. Click here now. 

Well it’s been a long journey that’s for sure, starting way back in 1989! Sometime I should probably write about it! Stay tuned.

Baffles me why this question is even relevant really. I’ve almost lived in the Gulf as long as I’ve lived at home, and ‘home’ for me is London, so I will always consider myself British – ‘British Asian’ if you must.

Actually I still want to be a sci-fi writer; I’ve still got a best-selling novel in my head (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) and one-day I will write it. Not sure when though. Meanwhile, read my sci-fi short stories right here on this blog and let me know what you think please.

One day I will own the real thing. One day…

Honestly the answer to this question would change depending on what I’ve been driving. But I’ve always fancied the eponymous pony car, and this manual 5.0 GT had me drooling big time. The interior quality and infotainment offering has also improved massively compared to the previous generation. Watch my review here. 

Well I don’t really know how to answer that. But I’m waiting for the phone to ring!

I’ve always like the Boxster/Cayman range, and to me it’s a more accessible car to drive hard than the fabled 911 because of the beautiful mid-engine balance. Despite people moaning about the four-cylinder engine in latest edition (the 718), I have to say I think it’s the best version since the original Boxster (which is still legendary!).

Again probably worthy of a blog-post all of its own, but I have no logical explanation for my love of all things automotive, it’s just always been there. But in large part it’s been fueled by magical motors in movies and on TV, and one of the earliest cars to leave a long-lasting impression on my mind, was John Steed’s one-off bespoke Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12 C road-version of the race car. In my fantasies I’d love to have a replica of this!

Seriously, favourite classic European car? Where does one even begin. There’s a lot of Ferraris in that list, and a few Lambos with the Countach probably near the top, plus icons like Mini, Beetle, Land Rover Series 1, a bunch of BMWs, of course Porsches, a host of Jaguars, the Ford Capri and racy Escorts, Fiat 500, Alfa Romeos, Lancia Delta Integrale…. seriously. You see what I mean? So the obvious fallback is the one that’s sits at the top of my ‘must-own-one-day’ list!

Interesting question and we actually did a twin test – read that here now – with these cars, but ultimately when I think back at which I would own and enjoy on a daily-driver basis without having to worry about looking after it too much, particularly as used prices (especially of manual versions – the only one to get!) are already sitting right on the floor, it’s got to be the Toyota 86. I’ve heard that early three-pedal cars are changing hands for as little as AED25k – peanuts for a back-to-basics sportscar. By the way – you must check out the video here. 

The Clubsport certainly reminded me of the classic GTIs. My review here.

Well it’s either fried egg on toast or this!

Can’t we just be citizens of the world – or even the Federation as in Star Trek? Live Long and Prosper all!

I would love a classic muscle car, ideally something from 1968 (my year of birth) so either a Camaro SS (as it has my initials on it – you’ve got to check out these series) or a Fastback 390GT Mustang just like the one Steve McQueen had in Bullitt – and if it’s good enough for him… I’d also be keen on a 1971 Dodge Challenger like the one in Vanishing Point.

Indeed – just go read this in fact!

Yeah, should probably write about this car too, the first one I bought with my own cash, and how I made every mistake in the used-car-buying book! Of course I never bought a bad used car after that (yeah right!), since I did become something of an expert launching the website for famed UK used car consumer guide, Parkers Guides, and then working on Used Car Buyer magazine.

But again those are probably stories for another blog post.

In fact feel free to ask more questions through any of my channels or tell me if you’d like to see a longer blog post on any of the above!

Thanks for hanging around till this line.

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