What are the Most Popular Electric Cars Out There Right Now?

The most important EVs should be dictated by sales or social media posts?

What are the most popular electric cars (EV / BEV ) out there. Well sales figures are one way to judge, but perhaps a more significant barometer these days, is how popular something is on social media. Quotezone analysed shares of car brands on Instagram and TikTok to see which came out top. Here’s the Top 10.

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Bored!! Going Live While Charging an EV [with Partha Srinivasan]

Things got a bit silly when I went InstaLive yesterday

After recording the drive section of my review of the all-electric Peugeot E-208, I had obviously depleted the mileage range. I decided to give it a full charge. That meant sitting in the Morrison’s car park at a Genie Point charger for an hour. So I went live online. And ended up with a guest – my good buddy Partha in India.

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Random Instagram Cars Reviewed!

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 20042020 #BCGDaily

I search for the most recent posts on #Cars on Instagram and review whatever I see. Hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this – and make sure you hit the bell icon to switch on notifications.

Shooting for TV

Scorching heat, grueling hours and one fatality. What it takes to film for TV

TV may not have quite the cache it used to, but everyone would still like to be on the small screen if they could. But unlike say, YouTube videos, which can be knocked out on your phone and uploaded minutes later – a bit like my behind-the-scenes VLOG from yesterday below – filming for TV takes a ridiculous amount of effort and work.

Click through to watch my behind-the-scenes video.

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I’m into IGTV – are you?

Who’s on IGTV?

I’ve started VLOGing on IGTV. I don’t know if this latest offering from Instagram is going to be successful, take-up seems slow, but this form seems a suitable platform for putting up occasional video diaries.

Let me know what you think. Meantime click through to view the rest of my IGTV VLOGs so far, which I’ve reposted onto YouTube. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – see the feed on the right of this page, or find me there @shahzadsheikh (Brown Car Guy).

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