Surprised to realise that we’ve been on the radio for over six years

A couple of weeks ago, we did our last ever live radio show for James Piecowye on Dubai Eye 103.8FM for his CarTalk show and Nightline series of programmes.

We also participated in his last ever show in which he invited back many of his other guests, previous guests and former as well as current colleagues.

Extraordinarily when I looked back at how long we’ve been doing the show as ‘permanent guests’ I figured it would be four years or so, in fact it turned out to be over six years! Really does not seem that long because, quite frankly, it’s been such a blast.

And whilst myself and Imthishan of Motoring Middle East, and our own previous guest co-hosts such as Callum Knox, Fraser Martin and Noel Ebdon, might justifiably take some credit for the popularity of the show, there has to be a big hat-tip to James for what turned out to be the longest running consistent car show on the radio here in Dubai.

A lot of the positive feedback we’ve had on the show – including from random people who, believe it or not, voice-recognised us – was that the show was fun to listen to, and get involved in, because it just felt like eavesdropping on a conversation between passionate car guys.

That’s exactly what it was, driven largely by James’ irrepressible enthusiasm and energy that was forceful enough to lift us up even on our occasional ‘down’ days. However we felt off air, when the light went red, we were firing on all cylinders with accelerator pedal firmly planted in the floor.

Now that we’re essentially professional broadcasters, we certainly kinda miss being on the radio. But we’re not silenced that’s for sure. We obviously speak to readers and followers of Motoring Middle East regularly through our various channels on social media and YouTube, as well my role now on The Autocrats car show now airing on FOX TV MENA Network.

And whilst repeats of CarTalk will continue throughout the summer on Dubai Eye 103.8FM, standby for news of our voices back in your ears later this year!

Last episode of CarTalk

Last episode of Nightline 

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