New Book on the History of the Automobile in Pakistan

Extraordinary first book that chronicles car culture and history in the 75-year-old country

There’s a new book out, authored by Murtaza Y Mandviwalla, that charts the history of the car and motoring in Pakistan. Titled ‘Steering the Pakistan Wheel’ it chronicles the 100 plus years of the car industry but particularly its impact on Pakistan and its own 75-year history. The book is said to be full of exciting stories, honest reflections and current challenges.

It not only looks at car production and trade, but also how cars shaped the landscape and infrastructure of a country, as well leisure and motor racing pursuits. The book claims to cover the many businesses and vocations that are “intertwined in this incredible automotive tapestry”. 

“The automotive landscape of Pakistan is at a crossroads in its development. Looking both to the past, the present and the future, covering the inception of the industry, documenting the legacies of the pioneers, major players, stakeholders and the dreamers, Mandviwalla sees the landscape in its totality and offers his recommendations for how to move forward… steering Pakistan into the future and beyond.”

And industry executive himself, Mandviwalla has over 40 years’ experience in managing automotive distribution and dealerships, and is currently Chairman of Mandviwalla Motors PVT Ltd. The book is published by Man San Enterprises. 

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