2022 Savile Row Concours

Pics and vids from Inaugural luxury lifestyle car event in central London

More videos and individual interviews to come – stay tuned! #bcgevents Further videos will follow, stay tuned and book mark this page! Pics below.

Walkaround of the spectacular Savile Row Concours exotic and bespoke supercar and classic car show held last week on the world-famous Savile Row street, known for exclusive and boutique tailoring and luxury products. The cars were all high end luxury, performance and classic cars.

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Karachi Car Culture

Jay Leno’s Pakistani Twin, Bandits and Unimogs plus the world’s highest classic car rally!

It’s Jay Leno! That’s not actually true. But it is his Pakistani doppelganger. Not only is the similarity uncanny, but like the famed American TV host, comedian and voracious car collector, Mohsin Ikram too, is hilarious company and a full-on car guy! He is also a walking-talking classic car encyclopaedia, owner, restorer and a founder of the FIVA-approved Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan. 

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New Book on the History of the Automobile in Pakistan

Extraordinary first book that chronicles car culture and history in the 75-year-old country

There’s a new book out, authored by Murtaza Y Mandviwalla, that charts the history of the car and motoring in Pakistan. Titled ‘Steering the Pakistan Wheel’ it chronicles the 100 plus years of the car industry but particularly its impact on Pakistan and its own 75-year history. The book is said to be full of exciting stories, honest reflections and current challenges.

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Pakistan’s First Online Antique Cars Museum Launched

Up to 100 unique and rare vintage and classic cars featured

Pakistan’s first online antique cars museum has been launched at an exclusive private event at the Quaid e Azam House Museum in Karachi, former home of Pakistan’s founder, M. A. Jinnah. Among a spectacular display of classic cars, Shoaib Qureshy, founder of the virtual museum, Antique Cars Pakistan, explained that it was “Pakistan’s first online museum intended to showcase the very best antique cars in the country”. 

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Car Spotting in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Brown Car Guys are EVERYWHERE!

Our man Reza Adil (@alizarde.cigars on Instagram) in the Dominican Republic has been out car spotting! 🇩🇴 He found a turbo diesel Mercedes 500 SEL and a disoriented Civic with a confused sense of self-worth 😜🤣 More to come – stay tuned 🤩

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Karachi karting circuit inspired by the UAE opens after decade of delays

The realisation of one man’s long-held dream opens doors for Pakistan’s racing talent – read on The National!

Read this story now on The National – see my video of the track below

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How I Survived Scary Murree Snow Experience [Pakistan Jan 2022]

A terrifying icy near-miss story from my friend in Islamabad right now

Tragically over 20 people died last week while caught in a snowstorm in a holiday mountain resort of Murree in Pakistan last week. Our condolences and thoughts with the loved ones of those lost. My good friend Reza Adil, is holidaying in Islamabad, and actually tried to reach Murree shortly before the worst happened, not realising the disaster that was to unfold. Thankfully he never made it, but not without a terrifying experience for himself and his family members too, on the treacherous icy roads of a barrier-less narrow winding mountain road. Listen to his full story in this video podcast, originally recorded on my Instagram live.

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Pakwheels Auto Show Karachi

Interview with Suneel Sarfraz Munj [December 2021]

Check out my coverage and interviews from the epic Pakwheels  @PakWheels.com  Auto Show at Port Grand in Karachi in December 2021. Amazing cars, spectacular event, sensation people. Can’t wait to visit again soon!

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Pakwheels.com Interview – Intikhab Khan on Karachi Car Market

Plus a ride in a JDM Suzuki XBee

I meet up with Intikhab Khan of Pakwheels.com  @PakWheels.com  to take a ride in his imported Japanese-spec JDM Suzuki XBee and talk about the car trade and market in Karachi and the wider the country. Follow #BCGPakistan

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