Vauxhall made ‘The World’s First Sports Car’

Watch this Vauxhall heritage video from 20 years ago

Here’s a Vauxhall film made around 20 years ago which shows the breadth of Vauxhall’s heritage and its sporting endeavour. It was resent out today with a press release series remembering the manufacturer’s past iconic cars. Today was the turn of the Vauxhall C-10 ‘Prince Henry’ dubbed ‘The World’s First Sports Car’.

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My Toyota Supra Story

Supra needs a new story? How about an old one? Here’s mine.

The cat’s out of the bag, or rather the Supra is. A leaked video has revealed the all-new Toyota sportscar in all its glorious sound and fury. In it the Toyota President, Akio Toyoda says ‘I think we need a Supra story again’.

Well here’s mine…

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