Top 10 Car Videos and Content Viewed in 2020

Here are my best vids, pics and most read articles of the year

Based on numbers – here is my top performing content across YouTube, this blog and on (where my content received 1.5m views).

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos

Top 10 Articles on in 2020

Land Rover Defender 90 P400 & P300 On and Off-Road Review – Brown Car Guy

BrownCarGuy – Is It Racist? – Brown Car Guy

Why 2030 ICE New Car Sales Ban Won’t Work in the UK – Brown Car Guy

This may be the last thing I ever write – Brown Car Guy

Pakistan Independence Day & its Greatest Cars! – Brown Car Guy

Full Review: BMW 330e – Brown Car Guy

From LJK Setright to BrownCarGuy – Brown Car Guy

Honda E Review Daily VLOG – Brown Car Guy

My fav pics of 2020

My Top 10 Articles on

Money makers: 10 modern classics you should invest in now (

The 2020 Car Movie Awards (

These are the best cars Ford has ever made (

The 10 best cars of the 1990s (

Did Hyundai just make a Porsche? (

10 of the craziest traffic laws in the world (

Ten terrific Toyotas (

When car meets go bad (

Why the UK’s 2035 car ban is wrong (

Dear McLaren. Please stop launching so many supercars (

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