22 classic cars to buy in 2022 [For Investment & Fun!]

Here’s a 2022 update on my previous top video. These are the 22 classic cars to buy in 2022 for investment and fun! Based on info from Hagerty UK & USA, GoClassics plus my own suggestions. Leave your suggestions in the comments – and don’t forget to watch the below.

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Top 7 Best Electric Cars to Buy in 2022

Based on the reviews I’ve done of EVs over the last year

I’ve reviewed more electric cars or EV (BEV) cars this year then in my entire previous 30-year career of testing cars, they are happening, and you’re probably considering buying one. So which electric car should you consider buying in 2022? Here’s a run down of my top EV choices! See reviews of all the cars mentioned after the jump

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23 Top Cars of 2020

This crazy Year’s Key Motors and my Best Drives of 2020

If there’s one thing people came to realise again in this crazy year, it’s that cars are good. If you’re stuck in a pandemic and fear the public transport network is too risky to use, plus ubers are icky because eew – other people have been in there before you, coughing and breathing all over the upholstery – then guess what: it’s great to have your own car.

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The Used Cars to get for Under £10,000

Check out this video I produced in collaboration with MotorOverload

Here are our Top Six best used cars to buy for under £10,000. We each select out top choices in three categories: small car, family car and convertible/roadster. Let us know who had the best selection and tell us your top choices for under £10k in the comments below.

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