Honda E Review Daily VLOG

What’s it actually like to run the all-electric new Honda E for a few days?

I had the all-new baby electric Honda E for a few days on test, and I will be doing a full review on the car as usual, but seeing as this is the first time I spent more than a day with a full EV, I thought it would be interesting to blog the experience. Videos below!

Also follow #BCGHondaE on social media to see how I got on with this clever little futuristic city car that’s as heavy on Honda nostalgia as it is on tech!

Honda E Vlog Day 1 – The walkaround

HONDA E VLOG DAY 2 – How do I charge it?

With charge down to 50% I thought I’d better charge it back up – it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, here’s how I got on and what I learned.

HONDA E VLOG DAY 3-4 – What do my mates think of it?

The Honda E is such an extraordinary head-turner – attracting more attention around Northwest London than a Lamborghini – that I thought I’d ask my mates what they thought of it. Two very different guys, with very different relationships to cars have a surprisingly coordinated reaction to the Honda E.

Darren Rungasamy ( find him at ) is an automotive content creator and photographer who is really into ordinary European and Japanese cars from 70s and 80s. Meanwhile Reza Adil ( find him at ) has owned a string of high end AMG Mercedes models, but is looking to replace his mother’s Toyota Aygo for an electric car as she only does 1200 miles a year!

HONDA E VLOG DAY 5 – You questions answered!

Your questions answered including: is this the same car Chris Harris drove in Top Gear recently, plus trying out the auto parking, will it work in India, do I fit in the back and does it feel like a real Honda?

HONDA E VLOG DAY 6 – Would I own one though?

In this last vlog with the amazing new Honda E after running it for a week, I look back at how I’ve got on, what I’ve struggled with and what I’ve loved about it and ask the ultimate question – would I own one myself?

Stay tuned for a full review coming soon!

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