India’s top car journo on Stirling Moss, owning 27 bikes & 7000 model cars

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 12042020 #BCGDaily

In a new series semi-formally titled ‘Brown Car Guy and Buddies’ I try to catch up with people online during this virtually global lockdown and talk cars and stuff.

Adil Jal Darukhanawala is India’s pioneering and leading motoring journalist, he’s also an author of multiple books, massive collector of motorbikes, an even bigger collector of model cars and an all round great bloke and good friend.

He talks about how his career in motoring journalist kicked off with an argument, his passion for bikes and motorsports and how the automotive industry and car culture in India has developed. Plus of course he talks about meeting the late Sir Stirling Moss and how he will remember him.

There’s insight into what he’s most looking forward to this year once the lockdowns lift, and crucial tips for all wannabe motoring journalists.

We pack a lot into this 30 minute conversation, so grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy!

And do let me know what you think of this video and other conversations I’ve had with friends and colleagues.

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