Top 10 World’s Best Selling Cars!

Here are the top-10 most bought cars of the year

There are two Toyota Corolla sold every minute!

And of course it heads up the charts – by a long way – of the Top Ten biggest selling cars of the year, according to‘s Global Auto Database.

It also states that the Corolla, in continuous production since 1966, is close to hitting the record breaking milestone of 50 million cars. And that, astonishingly, the Corolla is produced in all five continents!

It sold well over a million units in 2019, and that was actually up by 2.7% from last year. A new Corolla was introduced this year and I’ll be reviewing it early next year – stay tuned!

At 875,000 the Ford F-Series trucks take up second place and cements its position as the most sold pickup ever.

And in third place another Toyota. It’s the RAV4, is arguably one of the pioneers of the whole SUV genre it’s been going strong for 21 years. Again there’s a new one out and hope to review that soon!

Honda takes fourth and fifth places with the Civic and CR-V respectively. And Volkswagen is the fourth manufacture in the list – interestingly it’s not the Golf that is its best seller (that was actually down this year by 14.5%) but the Tiguan. To be fair though, the Golf has just been replaced with a new version.

The fifth manufacturer to make the list, with the second full-sized pickup truck on there, is FCA group with the Ram (I wish they still just called it the Dodge Ram!). There was a completely new truck in 2018 and it raised the bar for style and interior comfort and quality, so that’s not really a surprise.

Here’s the full list of Top Ten:

  1. Toyota Corolla  1,020,887   +2.7% YTD
  2. Ford F-Series  875,194   -2.5% YTD
  3. Toyota RAV4  767,907   +10.5% YTD
  4. Honda Civic  697,268   +0.9% YTD
  5. Honda CR-V  671,412   +16% YTD
  6. Volkswagen Tiguan  612,514   -8.6% YTD
  7. Ram pickup  601,942   +20.2% YTD
  8. Toyota Camry  582,402   +3.8% YTD
  9. Volkswagen Golf  577,419   -14.5% YTD
  10. Volkswagen Polo  501,494   -18.1% YTD

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