Nissan GT-R50 & rare 1st Gen Hakosuka

We take a walkaround of the 1m Euro GT-R50 and get rev-happy with a 1st gen!

The Silverstone Classic this weekend, was my first opportunity to check out the one-off Italdesign Nissan GT-R50 – of which 50 will be made at around 1m Euro each.

In this walkaround we take you through the main features and show you the interior of the Japanese supercar which will come with around 720bhp. Deliveries of road cars will begin later this year.

Also at the show I met Shaun Lawless has one of possibly only two or three original and genuine first generation Nissan GT-Rs in the UK, affectionately known as Hakosuka – Boxy Skyline (since the two-door was derived from the Skyline saloon back in 1970.

Only a couple of thousand of these were made and by contrast to the modern road missile, it all started off with just 160bhp or so. Guess which one made me beam the most?

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