My First Video Car Review – Honda S2000

Check out my video from the mid-naughties, intended as a pilot for a TV Show

#ThrowBackThursday to my first ever video car review from around 15 years ago.

Produced with the help of my friends Latif Qureshi and Zahid Bashir, it was filmed as part of a pilot for a proposed British Asian Motoring Show.

With the sudden profusion of Asian satellite channels that started up in the early 2000s in the UK, it seemed a logical offering. And indeed it got a lot of interest from the channels, including Zee TV UK.

Though honestly it makes me cringe a little watching it back – very different to how I would do it now! But it was a lot of fun to put together at the time. And the Honda S2000 seemed the perfect car to feature for this – what a machine and a future classic for sure.

Sadly we couldn’t quite secure the funding to make it happen at the time, and despite filming some additional features, we abandoned the project. What could’ve been hey? Sigh…

Though… never say never.


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