Sue Baker interview on BCG & Buddies!

Original Top Gear Host on Today’s TG & Covering the Hunt-Lauda Rush Era

‘Brown Car Guy & Buddies’ – Sue Baker was one of the original hosts of Top Gear, appearing on 100 programmes over 11 years from 1980 to 1991. She also raced, co-drove with Michele Mouton (in a short-wheelbase Audi Quattro Sport rally car), Derek Bell and others, as well as covering the legendary James Hunt vs Niki Lauda era in Formula 1.

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Indian & Pakistani Dramas – why are the cars blanked out?

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 23022020 #BCGDaily

Why are car badges and names digitally hidden in Indian and Pakistani dramas and TV serials? Having had a short break from BCG Daily due to all the London Classic Car Show content, and whilst out shooting the review of the Isuzu D-Max XTR, my thoughts turned to something that bothered me last night at my mother’s place as she was watching Asian drama serials on TV. There’s a new trend of them blanking out the car manufacturer names and badges from the cars featured in the drama shows. Why?!

I’m on TV – presenting a car show!

Delighted to on The Autocrats Middle East TV show now airing on FOX MENA Network channels

Finally made it to mainstream television! I’m honoured to the lead presenter of a new car show on FOX MENA Network TV channels across the region.

It’s one of those filler shows so it gets aired between other shows and as such gets repeated airings. In fact each episode gets over 100 airings. Click next to watch them.

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Journalism today: ‘We may be generating heat. But are we really delivering light?’

‘We may be generating heat. But are we really delivering light?’

What a superb question by someone with the authority, credibility and experience to put a powerful voice to the concerns of all those who genuinely care for media, journalism and mass communication.

Helen Boaden, Former Director of BBC Radio wrote this in an incredible and fascinating analysis of the state of media and journalism today and where it’s heading in an extract of her speech in The Independent newspaper.

Helen Boaden, Former Director of BBC Radio
I’ve been struggling with the inevitable direction of journalism in this digital age for some time now, here is a voice confirming my fears from the heart of one of the last bastions of genuine journalism.

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