My last review for Motoring Middle East & it was a family takeover!

Just before leaving Dubai to relocate to London, my last test car there for Motoring Middle East was the all-new Audi Q8. Of course the family took over!

Audi Q8

See the video and my pics after the jump >>>

This was my last car review video for Motoring Middle East as I’ve just relocated back to London and am looking for new opportunities to continue creating great content.

This Audi Q8 was rather special, being a flagship SUV, but feeling like a luxury/hot-hatch thing instead. It does an amazing job of shrinking around you and hiding its size both externally and from behind the wheel. I loved the styling and the interior is a great carry-on from what’s been introduced in other latest gen Audis.

It’s a distinctive and handsome car which could do with a sharper drive and more performance, but I guess they’re leaving the door open for a RS version – now that would be pretty awesome!

The family liked the car too, so staged a bit of a review takeover for this video and I think it turned out rather good. Do let me know what you think of it, we certainly had a lot of fun making it.



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