I got COVID-19

No, God no! How can pizza taste so horrid?

We leave letters lying on the floor mat for a couple of days before touching them. Coming back from shopping involves up to an hour of anti-bac wiping and washing, right down to the last piece of fruit and vegetable. Outside: face masks on, sanitisers on standby, and proximity alert wound up to maximum – ‘hey, back off buddy!’ shouts my imaginary proxy self upon infringement, deliberate or otherwise, of my immediate two-metre surround space. In reality I usually just turn away and step back.

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Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Perfect for the PetrolHead Pater!

No doubt it’s already in your diary, and if it isn’t, why not? (that’s as much a message to my kids as anyone!) June 21st is the third Sunday in the sixth month, which makes it Father’s Day in UK, USA and most (but admittedly not all) countries around the world.

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Cars shot with a classic 1960s Yashica 635 Camera

Check out these pics and tell me if I should try to shoot some more this summer?

As a kid my dad would never let me touch his classic 1960s Yashica 365 Twin Lens Reflex camera. When he passed I asked my mum if I could have it as a keepsake.

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Ultimate family review of the new Audi Q8

My last review for Motoring Middle East & it was a family takeover!

Just before leaving Dubai to relocate to London, my last test car there for Motoring Middle East was the all-new Audi Q8. Of course the family took over!

Audi Q8

See the video and my pics after the jump >>>

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