MG HS Review

Range-topping SUV is spacious and well-kitted out

What is an MG HS? Well it’s the third model to join the current MG line-up in the UK, a medium-sized SUV, and sits at the top as the flagship model – think of it as a rival to the Nissan Qashqai or Kia Sportage. At 4.5 metres long and two metres wide it has a large presence made more substantial by that grille, with its concave, rather trippy mesh design and the biggest MG logo badge ever seen on a car to sit at the centre of it.

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Ultimate family review of the new Audi Q8

My last review for Motoring Middle East & it was a family takeover!

Just before leaving Dubai to relocate to London, my last test car there for Motoring Middle East was the all-new Audi Q8. Of course the family took over!

Audi Q8

See the video and my pics after the jump >>>

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Happy birthday little Leena-pie!

Leena Amani Sheikh

In 1999 my wife was expecting our first child, and I had a name ready and waiting: ‘Leena’. It means ‘tender’ and also ‘devoted one’. Of course fate likes to have a bit of a laugh with you, and with the arrival of the new millennium came a surprise. Out popped a boy, not a girl. I didn’t have a boy name ready. So my sister named him Junaid.

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