Journalism is dying & the world is getting dumb

For once Last Week Tonight is not funny… because it’s depressingly true.

I’ve been wondering why the world seems to have gone stupid lately.

In fact the answer has been right under my nose the whole time. Real journalism is slowly being eradicated, and there really doesn’t appear to be a solution that can stop its decline.

It will fall victim to the new economic reality of clicks=cash as content-consumers baulk at boring ugly truths that aren’t trending.

And before you say anything, yes okay – guilty as charged. We’re all just content creators now.

6 thoughts on “Journalism is dying & the world is getting dumb

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  1. Do you think that churnalism has something to do with it? Like readers want more and they want it practically every second which decreases the chances that responsible and accurate journalism can take place. The journalists need to churn out articles like every hour or even less in order for them to be relevant.

    Its really sad.

    Check out my blog as I blog about my experience as a crime journalist in South Africa –

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    1. Yes for sure, that’s got a lot to do with it. As we know people will happily comment away on story posts, voicing strong opinions, without actually even having clicked on the link, much less read it. People just want headlines and standfirsts and then want to make up the rest for themselves – particularly using preconceived notions. There is so much information assaulting us nowadays, no one feels they have time to really dig deeper.

      For example, what could go viral is that ‘a crime has occurred’. After that the story is done. But no one seems interested any longer in why and how the crime occurred. That of course takes more digging by a reporter, and will take longer to get the story out. Remember in the old days, newspaper journalists could be working on a single story for months before putting something out. Today you have to post something up this instant.

      I don’t really know what the answer is to this. Perhaps there isn’t one. Perhaps these things go in cycles, and at some point people will get fed up of not being fully informed. Perhaps I’m being optimistic. Or perhaps new technological developments will help. Perhaps AI will be able to formulate a more coherent and comprehensive understanding of a post and inform the user accordingly. But perhaps that would be a self-learning bot that aids simply to corroborate the user’s own opinions and leanings, so won’t really help.

      Perhaps there has to be a new way of telling stories to hold people’s attention longer. Perhaps… you get the gist. We’re all learning – and surviving – together. I do think constantly trying new approaches is the key. Something’s gotta stick.


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