It’s Not Easy being a Brown Car Guy!

Very special and hilarious episode about the trauma, trials & tribulations of being a #BrownCarGuy

A very special, and hilarious, episode in which I talk about the unique challenges, particularly for me, in being a car guy as a brown or Asian person, and then on top of that, to actually (through blind determination and ignoring all the naysayers) choose to forge a career in automotive and motoring media and journalism, and still be struggling with that choice to the present day. I reveal funny episodes involving a Ferrari F40 and Samosas and ponder what I’d look like in other professions.

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Brown Car Guy – Podcast 4

Check out my latest podcast episode

  • What do I really think of the Suzuki Vitara with a 3-cylinder engine.
  • First thoughts on Subaru Forester, Toyota Aygo and Fiat Abarth 595.
  • Shooting a classic BMW with a classic Yashica.
  • Loving the the Concours of Elegance at Hampton.
  • How to be a journalist – my top tips.
  • Writing about Rickshaws – the London pedicabs
  • My definitive thoughts on the new Land Rover Defender

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I nearly drowned reviewing this car!

Almost taking two of my mates with me – but I maintain it was their fault anyway!

I nearly drowned reviewing this car!

Back in 1991, two years on from my very first car review (the one that got me arrested) I reviewed this actual GMC Jimmy S-15. And this time I nearly drowned in it, along with two of my best buddies, who will remain unnamed even though if we had met our watery demise it would have been on them – I was only the numpty behind the wheel after all!

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