Review – 360 camera: LG 360

Now that 360 cameras aren’t terribly large, complex and expensive devices, I wanted to try one out myself. So LG very kindly lent me their new LG360 to try out. Here’s my review of the device.

review 360 camera LG360

Here’s my live video review of the device that I did on my Facebook page:

It’s called LG360 – I think it’s still being rolled out for sale in our markets, so not widely available yet. Prices are somewhere between AED700-1200 I’ve seen online. Here’s some 360 pics and vids I uploaded:


Compact, easy to carry, comes in its own protective case, use to use once you get used to its controls, extraordinarily decent quality in most light conditions, transfer content to your phone through App for quick uploads and sharing.


Takes a bit of getting used too, only two buttons, video is fiddly to use and the file difficult to handle and upload, heats up if left in standby, slow to fully switch on and off.


Use a tripod otherwise you end up looking like you’re pinching thin air, don’t leave it on standby or it’ll drain the battery and heat up, video seemed a bit pointless stick with static images, keep it safe in its cover to protect the lenses, the cover can be used as a mini-tripod too.


I really liked it. It’s extremely handy and fun to use. Very easy and discreet to carry around. And in well-lit conditions, produces quite amazing results. And if it’s priced around the AED700 mark, it’s simple a no-brainer.

Best used in specific conditions such as holiday snaps or family gatherings rather than all the time, and could only really get the uploads to work properly in Facebook, but it’s a great way to share an all-round view of where you are and who you’re with, among your friends and followers on FB.

I’d definitely have one!


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