Car S.O.S. – New Series 11!! [2023]

Exclusive interview with Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend on Next Series starting today on National Geographic

New 2023 Series 11 of Car S.O.S (the car show with a heart!) begins on Thursday 9th March on the National Geographic Channel. See my exclusive interview with TV presenters Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend 🀩

The team has rescued and restored 110 cars in just over 10 years since they started this series, and made many dreams come true in the face of tragedy and overwhelming sadness for some of the owners. Here we talk about three of the episodes featuring a Ford Mondeo converted into a Touring Car replica with a little help from Cosworth, a Rover SD1, and a Porsche 911 owned by one of the Windrush Generation.

Celebrities lending a hand include Heavy Weight Champion Boxer Tyson Fury, F1 and Indy Champion Nigel Mansell, and TV Superstar and legendary car collector, Jay Leno.

Plus Fuzz’s solution on how to deal with ULEZ, and Tim’s rally cry urging car people to actually use and drive their classic cars!

Previous interviews:

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