BrownCarGuy Reaches 200,000+ Per Month!

Plus amazing testimonials from some very kind people!

Check out my latest reach figures for my content. Plus listen to these lovely people – I didn’t pay them, honest! Actually they were interviewed by my daughter Leena, for project she had to do for her studies.

Thanks (in order of appearance) to: Colin Denton, Richard Stern, Angie Voluti, Steve Drummond of Electrogenic, Tim Bowdler of Loop Agency, Ian Cook of PopBangColour, Guy Jaques and Donny Gow.

BrownCarGuy Current Stats

200,000+ monthly reach across multiple platforms


  • YouTube – 11,000 subscribers and 2.3 million views (total) including 150,000 viewers per month
  • – 7000 visitors per month 
  • Instagram – 7500 followers
  • TikTok – 3200 followers 
  • Facebook Page – 1800 followers 


  • Instagram – 8200 followers 
  • Facebook – 2200 followers 
  • Twitter – 1500 followers 
  • LinkedIn – 2500 followers

More about me here:

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