Interview Car S.O.S. – New Series 10!! [2022]

Featuring Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend Exclusive Interview

New 2022 Series 10 of Car S.O.S (the car show with a heart!) begins on Thursday 10th March on the National Geographic Channel. See my exclusive interview with TV presenters Tim Shaw & Fuzz Townshend 🤩 They talk about the new series and hint at a future evolution of the show! It’s a landmark 10th series, almost a decade on from when they first started in 2013, and they are also doing their 100th car in these series – with an electric conversion. Celebrity guests include Sir Paul McCartney, football legend David Beckham plus TV mechanic and motoring specialist Edd China and Emmerdale actress Natalie J. Robb.

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Tim & Fuzz from Car SOS greet BrownCarGuy

Met up with the Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend at the British Motor Show

T​im Shaw and Fuzz Townshend of Car SOS were doing a great job greeting visitors to the British Motor Show each morning. I caught up with them there, and they reminded everyone where to see my interview with them. Though I’ve embedded that below too for your convenience.

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Why are there no car reviews on TV?

Surely it’s time to once again roll up the sleeves, perch a foot on the bumper and actually REVIEW a car

The Rolls-Royce and Bentley of car review shows on TV are of course The Grand Tour and Top Gear. Except that they’re not. Not anymore.

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