2022 NEC Classic Car Show

See all my video coverage from the NEC Classic Car Show Nov 2022

Compiled all my coverage of the massive NEC Classic Car Show on this page!

You’ll feel like you were at the show after watching this walk-around video

Here are some of the cars and what prices they sold for as well as auction results from the Silverstone Auction sale at the show.

Meet master car builder Andy Saunders – famous for building the world’s lowest cars (Mini Claustrophobia and Fiat Flat Out) as well as the Tetanus and all-new purple Deja (inspired by French Art Deco cars) which were on display at the show. Plus his partner Maxine Xavier, an artist and airbrush artist who created an extraordinary finish to a 1977 Buick.

Amazing recreation of BBC Roving Eye Citroen XM Camera Car – the last of the cars with roof-mounted cameramen. Met the guys who made it gutting one of only a couple of Citroen XMs left in the UK to do this.

Met the owner of this spectacularly immaculate 1987 BMW E30 316 saloon on the Meguiars stand. Exquisitely presented but he drives it regularly!

Jumped into one of my all-time favourite cars I ever owned at the show – but can you guess what it is?

Saw Herbie (The Love Bug) a classic Volkswagen Beetle at the NEC Classic Car Show

American cops and cop cars, complete with dead bodies and donuts 👮🏻‍♂️🚓🍩

This amazing little four-seater Isetta ‘Bubble car’ was owned by Sir Stirling Moss, who modified the 1957 Isetta 600 with a BMW 700 engine! It is for sale at Silverstone Auctions

This is Richard Hammond’s famous Opel Kadett from the Botswana episode of Top Gear with Clarkson and James May, which he named Oliver. He brought it back with him, and has now restored it through his own garage The Smallest Cog.

This is the actual Subaru Impreza WRX that Richard Hammond used from the most recent The Grand Tour episode – The Scandi Flick. It was on his The Smallest Cog stand

This is an actual car. Based on the Mini, six were built between 1972 and 1974 to promote Outspan. They had to put ballast on the back axle, because it had a tendency to roll over above 30mph!

Harry Metcalfe’s Jaguar XJC for Sale at NEC Classic Car Show (Silverstone Auctions)

Visiting the Lancaster Classic Show at the NEC Birmingham – taking the #BCGBMWE30 back to where I bought it from! Coverage from NEC Show coming – follow #BCGEvents

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