Quentin Wilson: I Saved the Motorist Billions!

Motoring Legend – ex-Top Gear and Fifth Gear

At the recent London EV Show, I got to catch up with Automotive legend, and TV celeb, Quentin Wilson (automotive expert and broadcaster) for a brief but fascinating interview. He talks about his top tips for 2022, the state of motoring media, his campaigns to save the motorist money, why he champions electric cars and Jeremy Clarkson is mentioned too.

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Chris Harris, Mr JWW, Litchfield Motors, £25,000 [and where it all went wrong]

What actually happened, why is it a big deal and who’s really to blame?

The tale of Chris Harris, Mr JWW, Shmee150, Litchfield Motors and a Toyota GR Yaris – plus a £25,000 quote to feature modifications and a demand for commission – did it happen, did it not, who was the youtuber / influencer involved? Was Litchfield right to reveal the details of a commercial pitch, should a personality’s name have been outed?

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Why are there no car reviews on TV?

Surely it’s time to once again roll up the sleeves, perch a foot on the bumper and actually REVIEW a car

The Rolls-Royce and Bentley of car review shows on TV are of course The Grand Tour and Top Gear. Except that they’re not. Not anymore.

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Top Gear Season 24 Episode 1 Review

Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it… oh dear – I’m gonna say, aren’t I?

Top Gear Season 24 Episode 1 Review

I just watched the first episode of new, new Top Gear (although that should probably be new, new, new, new, new… for me, since I’ve been watching it from way back when good old William Wollard presented it – who else remembers him?).

Anyway I’m feeling right smug, innit?

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DriveTribe – Clarkson & Co’s real legacy?

I just signed up to #DriveTribe – what is it? Essentially it’s social media for full-on petrolheads


Will this thing catch on? Will it work? Who knows? But if it does, this could very well end up being Clarkson, Hammond & May’s true legacy for the enthusiast community, possibly even moreso than Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

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