Car Show Walkaround with Tim Shaw (Car S.O.S) & Sam Hard (Hard Up Garage)

2023 British Motor Show Pop-Up even at Marshall BMW in Hook

Video from yesterday at the British Motor Show Pop-Up at Marshall BMW in Hook with Tim Shaw of CAR S.O.S and Sam Hard of Hard Up Garage, where I put my 1989 BMW 325i SE E30 on display ( #BCGBMWE30 ) – here’s a full walkaround of the show with Sam and an in-depth unfiltered chat with Tim Shaw.

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Arnie, Knight Rider & BMW i Vision Dee!

Talking cars from the future, or classics and romance from the past?

BMW uploaded this video three days ago to promote the reveal of its latest concept car the i Vision Dee. It features a futuristic concept car arguing with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a young romance, and a cameo from David Hasselhoff back in the black T-Top Trans Am as the Knight Rider. It’s a bit weird frankly. 

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460bhp, Manual, RWD and the styling? 😲

This is the all-new BMW M2, What do you think of the styling?. 3.0-litre Turbo Straight Six, 460bhp 550Nm. Top Speed 155mph (limited). 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds. Or 4.3 seconds with a manual Yes! It still has a manual! But what do you think of the styling?

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