An you can’t drive barefoot either!

Did you know you could get fined and even penalty points on your licence for not wearing the right footwear while driving?!

According to a press release from car finance company Moneybarn, you could be fined upto £5000 and get nine penalty points!

Apparently all drivers must have ‘clothing and footwear to not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner’.

Barefoot is out – the DVLA says you don’t have the same amount of braking force as you do with shoes on.

I’ve driven barefoot, i figured it was better than flip flops – this was not in the UK by the way, in case the police are watching. Anyway flip flops are a no-no too.

According to RAC guidelines – you must be wearing some with a sole no thicker than 10mm and not too thin or soft.

The shoes should have enough grip so your feet don’t slide off the pedals and shouldn’t be too heavy or limit ankle movement – no platform shoes then!

Finally they shouldn’t be too wide because of the risk of pressing more than one pedal at once, especially in an emergency.

You know that means right? No Crocs either – oh no!


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