2022 Toyota Aygo X Review

Compact crossover style Aygo with canvas roof and manual transmission

Check out my full review of the 2022 Toyota Aygo X here in top spec with the canvas roof and manual transmission driven in London. is it more spacious and practical than an Aygo? Is it as much fun? Should you get one? Which version? Watch my video review now. #BCGToyotaAygoX

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Cancelled Flights? Then Drive to your Holiday Instead!

How long would it take and how much would it cost to drive to your holiday?

Cancel your flight drive Instead! The airports are in chaos, the airlines are cancelling flights. So could you drive to your holiday instead? From here in the UK, that might just be possible. ChooseMyCar.com has put out a press release, claiming that it could be cheaper for a family of four, albeit take longer, to go to their European holiday by car.

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Fake Manual Gearbox

Rubbish or Revolutionary?

Toyota has apparently patented a simulated manual gearbox and clutch mechanism for new electric cars – is the fake manual gearbox rubbish or revolutionary? Could it be an entirely redundant system or something that makes enthusiasts like me want to drive electric cars?

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Cost of Living Impact on Cars and Driving

How is the cost of living crisis impacting motorists?

The cost of living crisis is having an impact on cars and motorists, affecting 70% of drivers motoring habits, according to a Kwik fit survey. Over 33% one-third have cut down on non-essential car journeys those driving petrol or diesel cars are twice as likely to have cut down compared to drivers of electric cars or hybrids.

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2022 Mazda CX-5 Review 

SUV Attacks Scottish Roads – and Wins!

Mazda launched a sensible, practical and comfortable high-riding family car in the Scottish Highlands some weeks ago. Stop. Just let that sink it. An SUV introduced in an area known for some of the best driving roads in the country – somewhere where typically you might think to launch a sports car as it would really be able to stretch its legs and demonstrate its abilities. 

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How To Save Fuel!

Oil prices have just shot up over $100 a barrel

Russia’s shenanigans means that already rising energy and fuel prices are now going to be further compounded by the threat of war in Europe. So with petrol prices in the UK already over £1.50 a litre and potentially set to rise, what can you do to save fuel? Here are my essentially fuel-saving driving tips!

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