Cost of Living Impact on Cars and Driving

How is the cost of living crisis impacting motorists?

The cost of living crisis is having an impact on cars and motorists, affecting 70% of drivers motoring habits, according to a Kwik fit survey. Over 33% one-third have cut down on non-essential car journeys those driving petrol or diesel cars are twice as likely to have cut down compared to drivers of electric cars or hybrids.

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2022 Mazda CX-5 Review 

SUV Attacks Scottish Roads – and Wins!

Mazda launched a sensible, practical and comfortable high-riding family car in the Scottish Highlands some weeks ago. Stop. Just let that sink it. An SUV introduced in an area known for some of the best driving roads in the country – somewhere where typically you might think to launch a sports car as it would really be able to stretch its legs and demonstrate its abilities. 

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How To Save Fuel!

Oil prices have just shot up over $100 a barrel

Russia’s shenanigans means that already rising energy and fuel prices are now going to be further compounded by the threat of war in Europe. So with petrol prices in the UK already over £1.50 a litre and potentially set to rise, what can you do to save fuel? Here are my essentially fuel-saving driving tips!

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Best Car Adverts of Super Bowl 2022

Reaction Video – BMW, Nissan, General Motors

Which are the best car adverts from Super Bowl 2022 tonight? My reaction video and scores out of ten for the big budget ads from Nissan (Z car), BMW (iX) and General Motors, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (Zeus), Salma Hayek, Mike Myers (Dr Evil & Austin Powers), Eugene Levy, Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer). Super Bowl’s top automotive ad breaks! What do you reckon were the best? Let me know in the comments?

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Wadi Al Helo, Sharjah-Kalba Road, UAE

Honda Civic Type-R FN2 – #ThrowBackThursday April 2010

#ThrowBackThursday to a 2010 Honda Civic Type-R FN2 being driven on and around the E102 Sharjah Kalba road in the Wadi Al Helo area of the United Arab Emirates about an hour out of Dubai. This video is from April 2010. Sooooo many revs!

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Where NOT To Get Caught Speeding!

Where are the most (and least) number of speed cameras in the UK

Insurance provider Go Shorty has revealed where you’re most likely to be caught speeding in the UK, plus the fastest driver that got caught. I’ll also tell you where there are the least number of speed cameras!

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