Nissan Leaf or VW Golf – which will get you further for £50? [EV Vs Petrol]

Where in the world can you get the most miles per pennies?

When it comes to pure electric cars, they’re generally more expensive than their petrol or diesel equivalents to buy. So are they really cheaper to run on electricity?

Well research from car insurance company USwitch reveals where in the world it would be best value to run an EV rather than a traditional combustion-engined car.

They compared spending £50 on fuel for a petrol Volkswagen golf, to charging a Nissan Leaf EV.
At number 1 was Lithuania where 50 quid will get you 4434 miles of motoring in a Leaf and only 529miles in a Golf – that’s a difference of 3905 miles!

Is electricity very cheap there? Not really because, the £50 EV mileage is over 4000 miles for the top six countries – Norway at number two, then Sweden, Estonia, Austria, and Chile. To complete the top 10 we have Latvia, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada where it’s 3425 miles versus 652.

The UK was 21st on the list, at 2380 miles, not the best, but still better than 443 for the Golf.
The United States was 25th with 2584 versus a pretty impressive 895miles for the petrol car.
Shocking stuff! Head for the plug sockets!


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